Mama Pigs Are Here!

Just a quick update…Lucy and Ethel have arrived! I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night this week and when I woke up on Saturday I was greeted with quite the surprise as we were not expecting them till next weekend. Shaun said they were a little motion sick after there drive, but they quickly made … More Mama Pigs Are Here!

Preparing for Pigs

So it’s official, we are really getting pigs, or I guess now I’m supposed to call them hogs? We will be fostering two pregnant sows arriving in a couple weeks and they will deliver their little piglets on our farm. Once the babies are weaned, the moms will return home with the piglets, but a select few … More Preparing for Pigs

Overdue Introduction

As I start this new blog, I am also taking a class (blogging101) to help me get started in the blogging world. Our first assignment is to introduce ourselves. For those of you that haven’t been to the “About the Farm” page, please feel free to click the link at the top of the page … More Overdue Introduction