Wonderful Watermelon 

We have been very lucky when it comes to watermelon in our garden. I planted it a while ago and basically neglected it since. Especially after the ducks and geese got into it I thought for sure it would never come back! Lucky for us, even with weeds and watering only from the sporadic rain we’ve had recently somehow it managed to grow into the best watermelon I ever had in my life. Today was the first day we decided to try some and it was delicious, perfect for the pregnant lady!  



5 thoughts on “Wonderful Watermelon 

  1. I cannot imagine how ur watermelon tasted as I bought one and there isn’t too much flavor- very disappointing as this is our3rd one and only one tasted great – good for u!

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  2. Hummmmmmmmmmyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm
    I noticed what appeared to be rosemary (nice size) in the picture with the perfect watermelon…………and the cattle panels…..looks good.
    Betya mamma loved that watermelon……….

    10th is here and gone, my bet is he’s a brilliant boy and knows to stay put.
    love ya punks

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