About The Farm

My name is Justine, my Husband is Shaun, we are originally from New England,  and attempting to have a “happy life on the farm” here in South Carolina. My husband and I started on this path in 2012 when we were living in California and I was working as a travel nurse. We discovered farmers markets and enjoyed learning where our food came from as well how it was grown. We learned more about the terms, “organic,” “pesticide free,” “locally grown,” “grass-fed,” “non-gmo,” and “raw milk.” Educating ourselves about our food and how it impacts our health began the journey to starting our own farm. We hope to use sustainable practices to raise our own animals and grow a portion of our own food. Everyday is a learning process and in the future we hope to share our surplus with others who appreciate where their food comes from as much as we do.

We found ourselves loving life here in the Upstate and after a long house hunting struggle we purchased our property in Pickens, South Carolina. A little more than 9 acres and a perfect house to start a family, it isn’t the rustic farmhouse on 20+ acres we had originally imagined, but we are customizing it to meet our needs. At this point we are still in the “establishment phase, ” trying to observe our land as much as possible and plan our overall design. We are trying to take things slow, heeding everyone’s advice, although this is harder then it sounds with so many projects adding up in our minds. My goal for this blog is to be a journal of our ups and downs, a way to share what we learn along the way and inspire others to care about their food.

Please utilize the “categories” on the right sidebar to navigate and explore what interests you, more pictures can be found on our Facebook page.



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