Chicken Nursery

Another successful batch of chicks has hatched here on the Campbell Family Farm. Our bantam hens are turning out to be very reliable. The previous batch from spring is about to go in the freezer. We have started a new rotation system that seems to be going well so far. We have bantam hens that … More Chicken Nursery

What Normal People Don’t Know About Chickens

Now I would like to start by saying ‘normal’ isn’t a bad thing, I was one of these so called ‘normal’ people until about 2 years ago. What I really mean by ‘normal’ is the typical person who is unfamiliar with chickens, chicken-raising and usually ¬†buys their eggs from the grocery store. This particular blog … More What Normal People Don’t Know About Chickens

Egg Drama

If you made it to the bottom of yesterday’s post then you know we recently had one of our hens lay her first egg! It was very exciting. I happened to be down in the field checking on the animals and the black hen seemed like she was looking for something and acting strangely. Big … More Egg Drama