Midnight Rounds

A farmer’s job is never done, some might find this tiring, but personally it fills me with purpose. On our farm the beginning and ending of the typical ‘farm-day’is signaled by the opening and closing of the chicken coop doors. When we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is head out … More Midnight Rounds

Mama Pigs Are Here!

Just a quick update…Lucy and Ethel have arrived! I worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night this week and when I woke up on Saturday I was greeted with quite the surprise as we were not expecting them till next weekend. Shaun said they were a little motion sick after there drive, but they quickly made … More Mama Pigs Are Here!

Preparing for Pigs

So it’s official, we are really getting pigs, or I guess now I’m supposed to call them hogs? We will be fostering two pregnant sows arriving in a couple weeks and they will deliver their little piglets on our farm. Once the babies are weaned, the moms will return home with the piglets, but a select few … More Preparing for Pigs