When we started our farm adventure, all I wanted to do was get some chickens. Many people advised us to consider ducks but I was dead set on chickens. Well a year later and I came around…some major attributes of ducks compared to chickens is that #1 they are much better layers (almost everyday) and they almost always lay in the morning, #2 they don’t fly like the chickens and they require much less extravagant fencing to keep them contained, #3 they also produce much better eggs compared to the chickens. The biggest downside is that they are gross, I have concluded they is no way to have clean water when you have ducks, as soon as I put clean water out they muck it up again and it is never clean.

The laying ducks we currently have include some Khaki Campbells (excellent layers) and some Pekins (mostly bred for meat but also lay decent). We have one male Cayuga duck mostly just because he is pretty to look at, but he probably won’t be a long term keeper. We did not raise these ducks from babies, we purchased them when they were already mature from someone that had too many ducks.

After discovering that we like ducks for egg purposes we decided to raise some this year. So we are currently raising some Khaki Campbell and Runner ducklings.

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