The “chickies” as I like to call them are one of my favorite things on the farm. I seriously could watch them for hours and sometimes I do (I like to call this Chicken TV). Their quirky personalities and friendly nature cheer me up on a bad day and always make me smile. During the day our chickens free range and venture wherever they please. At night they roost in the chicken coop (built by the wonderful Mr. Campbell) and this is also where they go to lay their eggs. We are raising a combination of naked necks, barred rocks, buff orpingtons, and an unknown breed of bantams.

When we started our chicken flock in the fall of 2014 we had only the bantam chickens and raised them in a chicken tractor that rotated across our pasture. However, our flock multiplied has multiplied many times over since then with a combination of mail order chicks that we have raised as well as our bantams raising their own chicks. The chicken tractor wasn’t big enough for everyone, so we built the “Super Cooper” and integrated the flock into one big happy family. We are currently using deep mulch bedding to manage the earthen floor of the coop.

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