Currently all of our rabbits are in the freezer. Along with the pigs we decided to take a break from the rabbits and focus on establishing the garden. We experimented with raising rabbits traditionally as well as on pasture in rabbit tractors, however we had bad luck with breeding. We will try again in the future when we can supplement more of their feed from the garden, for now we are enjoying them on our table.

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3 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. Bunnies in the spring? Well, I’ve learned a few things about bunnies in my backyard over the years. 1) Don’t put 2 males together šŸ˜¦ 2) The mother bunny in our yard moves her young every 3 days to a new spot for protection from predators. Once they are big enough, she puts them under our shed. They are adorable to watch grow up. 3) My dog tries to make friends with the bunnies, but dogs and bunnies can’t be friends. My dog sticks her head under the shed every day looking for them anyway. She doesn’t understand.

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